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There can be very few places on earth that possess such of an array of diverse cultural attractions than the region of Normandy. From its Viking inception in 911 AD, to the Norman Empire's peak of influence in the 11th and 12th centuries, through the hundred years war, to its place at the forefront of the artistic Impressionist movement - all of this taking place before the region became synonymous with one of the most iconic battles of the Second World War, Normandy has borne witness to some of the most remarkable episodes of history. With a cobined total of four decades working within Normandy's tourism and hospitality industry, our husband and wife team can help you experience the very best of this exceptional region.

From the magnificent Mont St Michel, a location known to many as the eighth wonder of the world, to the beauty of the medieval port of Honfleur, a harbour which forged a path to the new world, the region's medieval capital of Rouen, the serenity of Giverny which inspired Claude Monet and became the home of the Impressionists, the cheese, the cider, the seafood, the pure history of Bayeux, an old Roman centre which became the first French city to be liberated from the Nazis after the incredible D-Day landings, the region has it all. Best of Normandy can bring together, in one package, every neccessary component for your visit and provide you with a unique, bespoke and unrivalled experience which we are sure will provide incredible memories which will last a lifetime. 

We can put together for you a vacation experience where everything is taken care for you, from your arrival, be it at an arrivals gate at an airport or at a hotel in Paris, a railway station or a hotel closer to or within Normandy, wherever you wish to meet, we can offer a door-to-door service. In regard of accommodation, we know all the best hotels and rental properties in the region. Whatever your requirements, we'll know the answer. We know the very best transport solutions, the best hotels, the best restaurants, the best guides  - everything is taken care of for you, all you have to do is relax and enjoy your stay.

Take the hassle away from booking your special trip, in our hands we can suggest to you the optimal experience for every budget.

The Normans - Empire and Legacy.

From the conquering of England in 1066, through the forging of an empire, the Normans have left an indelible mark, not just on France but on a large part of the Northern Hemisphere. Let our specialist guides lead you through the Norman homeland. From the magnificent Mont St Michel, to the fortress castles of Caen and Falaise and the beautiful medieval city of Bayeux, we offer a fascinating journey from the first Viking raid in the year 820 AD, through the formation of Normandy and the expansion of the Norman Empire.

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Remembering D-Day 1944.

Defined as one, if not the most iconic battle of the Second World War, the D-Day beaches are a must see if you are visiting Normandy. Indeed, millions of visitors travel to the region every year to pay their respects to the generation of young men who risked all to liberate Europe from Nazi occupation. By visiting the huge open air museum that is the Normandy battlefields you can learn about one of the most remarkable episodes of military history whilst also paying tribute to the men who we so appropriately call today 'The Greatest Generation'.

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Monet's Impressionist Normandy.

The beauty of Normandy has inspired many artists, the most famous of all has to be Claude Monet who, for 43 years made the region his home. From the late 1800s, up to and beyond Monet's death in 1926, his home town of Giverny became an artistic colony, the true capital of the Impressionists. Visit with us, not just Monet's famous home and gardens, but also the locations such as the stunning cliffs and coastline at Etretat, or maybe Rouen Cathedral - locations which served as the inspiration for both Monet and his contemporaries.

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